Hello, my name is Ben. I live in Denver and often wear a hat.

a recent photo  

a recent photo


Lets get this show rolling shall we?! My name is Ben, I am the guy who is typing these words, when I take part in surveys I am classified as a middle aged white american male. Impressive as those credentials may be, I am also a famous humorist and author.* This is a blog where you can read the things I write. I do things other than write, but those things are none of your business, you are here to enjoy my written musings and nothing more.

Feeling stalker-ish? You can find more-frequent but less-entertaining scribblings on twitter and instagram. If you would like to request a personally autographed headshot; or if you have another, less ego serving matter I can assist you with please contact me via one of the methods found here. End of thing.





*according to my mother.