Peep the beep


I'm trading my cellular telephone for something more distinguished.

$3 for a used pager and $12.99 for 6 months of service. I don't remember it being so expensive. Dang.

I've already started planning the phrases I will utter in the presence of random unfortunate strangers standing within earshot directly after receiving an alert from this recently acquired cutting edge high tech mobile notification system.

Let me try some out on you

("beep beep")

"Oh snap, hold up while I peep my beep"

("beep beep")

"Damn that's Latyshya.... Mmmmm [smacks lips] I gots to call that gurl."

("beep beep")

[indignantly] "damn, people be blowin me up."

And the go-to fallback:

("beep beep")

"AY! Y'all got a phone here?"

Yes, you're right, this is going to be fun.

the guy in the hat