April 10, 2018

The time is 9:08 in the AM. I cant think about what to write today so i looked through my notes and found some random one which lists a bunch of ideas for products and services that are a good idea but I know that i will never implement, so feel free to make any of these happen without my consent or attribution, I think think the world would be a better place. Please keep in mind that these were thought of and written down on or before october of 2016 and undoubtedly some of these ideas have already been thought of and produced by others. 

Hasap plans online:

Hasap plans are plans that companies use and submit to the usda when they are getting approved for making and selling food to other businesses. These are only used when places are not selling directly to the consumer. There are very antiquated systems out there and services that you can hire that will come in and create hasap plans for/with you but these systems are extremely outdated and do not scale well. All of these plans could be done through an online form system which also offers advice for how to create the best LONG TERM plan. With some logic rules and fill in the blanks you could make a program that is profitable and offers a significantly cheaper option to companies looking to get into the business of making food to sell to other businesses. This webapp could offer templates, advice on current up to date usda rules and be easily updated or changed if the business decides to change their products or processes in the future. This is a pretty solid moneymaker if someone wants to invest a little money with a very promising return. This would also really help to provide a valuable service to small business just starting out in this area.

Sidewalk/wall projection advertising:

Think of this as one of those stupid christmas projector light things that you see on peoples houses during the holidays. But instead they are used to project, no lame christmas colors and designs onto a house, but advertising for a product or location all year round. There is so much wasted space on the sides of buildings and on sidewalks along streets. In most modern day urban areas pedestrian traffic generally consists of people walking alone either staring at their phone and or staring at the ground in front of them. Why not put a cheap projection of your logo on the sidewalk in front of your restaurant. Or put a coca cola logo and advertising projection on the side of a large movie theatre wall in suburbia. The possibilities for this are endless and with led technology these would be far more cost effective than any physical billboard. You can probably see how this can be monetized pretty easily. 

Kitchen mate grocery scanner/meal planner/food orderer:

This one has probably been done since original conceived, essentially its a stand alone ipad type hardware system (or even just an ipad app) that you could use in various ways in the kitchen, for cooking, for ordering groceries, etc. Features could include, scanning your groceries when you bring them home so that you can order them online later, especially the things that you always use regularly, milk cereal, whatever. Once a informal or formal inventory of your kitchen is taken it could suggest dishes you could prepare and how to use them, knowing exactly what you have on hand and how much of it you might need. There are many integrations that one could use with a product like this. Amazon alexa, recepies.com or wherever people get recipes, i don't cook so i have no idea.  

Personal probation liaison. 

This one i thought of during the affluenza kid thing when that drunken spoiled rich kid from texas suburbs killed his friends in a truck and then basically got off scott free. And then got in trouble for violating his probation and went to jail, so did his mother by the way. I just heard he got out recently but mom is still in prison or something. Fuck them. but anyways, it gave me an idea for a personal liaison service that wealthy families can hire to basically babysit their children while they are on probation or if they are in danger of getting into trouble with the law because of their reckless antics. These people would have to be very good but they would be there to gain the trust of the kids while making sure that they dont drink and drive or break the law therefor jeopardizing their future and costing mom and day heartbreak and legal fees. This wouldn't be a cheap service but people care about their kids and some people have a lot of money and want to be able to see their kids succeed or at least not end up in jail. Maybe barron trump could be the first client... one two three "not it!"

Drones that you can rent to advertise smoke messages or banner messages in the sky. 

Have you ever seen those planes during a sporting event or outdoor concert or festival pulling a banner advertisement or leaving smoke signals for something? To be honest, ive never actually seen one doing smoke signals and im not sure they do that anymore. Anyways why couldn't you do that but instead of using a plane with a pilot and all the crap thats involved with that as im sure its really expensive, why not just use a drone? or more specifically rent out a drone that is capable of such a things and print custom signs for them. You could sell the signs, the time in the air. You could custie it for all sorts of events. Birthdays, Sporting events, local fairs, really there are lots of possibilities and it would be pretty reasonably priced and once a route has been chosen (by the user or provider) it could easily repeat using those same coordinates and directions. You see where im going with this, it essentially gives all the power to the user with very little human intervention, although obviously you'd need some sort of nerd to fly the plane form the ground. But i bet you whatever you've got in your pocket it would be cheaper than renting a pilot and his plane. 

iphone/ipad app that makes private browsing easy, available, and known.

This was an idea i had back in 2016 and there may have been some variations of it out by now, but back then i had to use a tor network and pgp email communications to buy things from the online black markets (dont judge me) anyways, while i am pretty internet savvy it was a very difficult system to use because it was relatively new and sending encrypted messages was not a very intuitive process. So the idea is simple. Make an app that handles the legwork for sending pgp encrypted emails and messages, and make it easy for the end user to use. Uploading and creating pgp keys could be handled within the app, finding public keys of others could be done through the app, even secure browsing on the latest tor browser could be done within the app, all behind the scenes so that it can be done by even non-techical people. Charge a monthly or yearly fee for the app, businesses and individuals would eat it up. Just make sure that you've got the best security team possible to stay up to date with all of the updates and zero day hacks that come out. 

Hunters license webapp 

Hunters licences are a bear to deal with, no pun intended. If you are a hunter and you want to apply for a license to bag an elk or bear or whatever the hell it is people shoot at other than high school kids nowadays, its an exhausting process that requires constant attention and routine submission for state sponsored sites. often many of these applications cant be used online and money orders have to be sent in to accompany forms. Its a nightmare, the thing about getting a licence to kill a large animal is that it can take years to get a licence to shoot an animal and even then you are restricted to a certain area within the forrest and everytime you submit an application for a certain license, and are not granted one, you can then apply again the next season and have your chances increased because they will continue adding your name into the drawing until yours is selected and then all of your submissions expire. So its very important to submit an application as often as possible to increase your chances. But hunters, and im speaking strictly from a place of complete knowledge and experience here, are kind of stupid (that was a joke, kind of). But honestly these are not the most tech savy folks, they are typically older men who have a lot of disposable income. The idea is to create a web app that would allow people to put in their information and desired animal license (or whatever its called) into the app and allow the service to submit the information on their behalf ever hunting season. They wouldn't have to keep entering in their information over and over every time they submitted a form, and there would be one place that could do this for every state in the country so that no matter where they went or where they wanted to hunt (it would give the option of applying to many different states and many different seasons) they would have once centralized place where they could get all of the information pertinent to that quest. You could also over a lot of custom advertising for guns and tours and equipment based on where they are, what they like to hunt and if they did get a license, specifics about flights (if in another state) hotels, guns guides and the list goes on and on. 

One time use bank card numbers for when you want to sign up for are recurring service but know that you'll never go and unsubscribe from the service. 

I know i've seen this done within the last year so we can skip it. 

Flag half mast edicate iPhone app

This is just a fun one for someone to do. Flag edicate is confusing and I never remember when im suppose to lower a flag to half mast and exactly how its suppose to be done, it would be nice to have an iphone/android app that could give me notifications on when i should be lowering my flag to stay patriotic and complicit with the flag people rules. Theres not much money to be made here, but it wouldn't be hard to do and you might be able to charge a buck for it. 

Record digitizing fairly priced and easy!

Old people have lots of old records and I always hear people say..."oh someday im gonna convert these old recordings to cd" even though cds are not even a thing anymore but you get my point. there are lots of people with analog records and recordings of music that they would like digitized but are not able or willing to do... mainly because this process would take a lot of time and equipment. How about overriding a service that will pay for the shipping (media mail) or your music and then will digitize it in whatever format you want and then send it back to you. All you have to do is put your records in the mail box we send you and it will come back to you in cd format or a link to download or whatever completely labeled and cheaply done. you could pay for rush service and different formats and the advertising possibilities are endless. 

Thats it for today. Ill post more later. The time is 10:08am