April 13, 2018

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SO i have this theory, and i have this urge to preface it with a statement about myself. I know that I exhibit racist and sexist tendencies, I feel that when i look at others I make assumptions about them based on things they have no control over. I dont think its right to do this and i don't know exactly why this happens, even though i have pretty good ideas about where these ideas come from. I try and make it a point not to pretend that these things dont matter but understand why they exist and what the impact of their collective phenomenon have on the the world around me. I feel it is important for me to preface this idea by telling the reader that, I know that if people read this idea i am about to write down into the public domain they may likely think that these are racist or more specifically anti semitic notions and ideas. That very well may be the case, but i think its more important to explore these notions than to care about what people might think of me. It is only through a notion of seeking truth that I write today, in the hopes that I can maybe someday better understand if these ideas are valid or have any sort of rationale, or if they are just me being a racist. And if the latter, why?

In simplest terms here is my argument: Only the best jews survived the holocaust. The atrocities of the holocaust shielded jews after wwII from the social prejudices they otherwise might have endured. Because of these genetic and social advantages jews were able to acquire resources disproportionately higher than gentiles. 

I am assuming many things to come to this analysis, none of which I actually know to be true, but since these topics are so taboo there does not seem to be any data answering them. My hope is that there might eventually be someone out there who is far smarter than me who can prove these assumptions wrong.

Lets take this argument and see what we can do with it. 

the first premise here is that only the best jews survived the holocaust. Obviously the term best needs to be defined, I used the term "best " above in an effort to simplify the argument but I think what I mean is that in order to survive the holocaust in europe a jew had to be smarter, stronger, more clever, more resourceful than other jews. Because the death camps of germany were designed to do just that, and because at the core of human nature is the will to survive I feel its worth uncovering why those who survived, did so. There may never be a way to actually determine this quantitatively. But lets look at an honest examination of what likely happened, people of all different nationalities (mainly jews) were brought into these camps, the first thing the germans did upon arrival is sort them out by physical abilities. I know there are some exceptions to this rule, but this i feel is true for the most part. But lets look at why some people died and others did not. First its worth noting that for many jews they were able to escape the war altogether, some fled to foreign countries, those who fled were those who likely had more resources and better foresight of the impending events that bight befall them if they stayed. So if a jewish family were wealthy (presumably from exploitation of their knowledge, or family resources). Lets looks at some of the reasons they might have survived. There are incredibly inspiring stories of successful escapes from the concentration camps. There are also amazing tales of people successfully hiding underground and in hidden rooms. Read some of them here

Some were saved for their ability to use artistic talents as a benefit for their would be captors. Others used extreme cunning and social abilities to evade capture for years in various ways. Many of those who were able to escape or evade capture during the entire course of the war went on to become engineers, professors, and hold other positions that seems to indicate they had a high capacity for intelligence. I know most of this evidence is anecdotal at best, but it's all i have to go on. If you have time for an amazingly inspiring read, pick up 'If, by miracle' by Michael Kutz. His true story of being one of 12 jews out of 4500 in his town to survive will humble you in ways you may never have thought possible.  

The less time they were able to spend within the death camps the more likely they were to survive. Some were able to escape all together, but many were not so fortunate but were able to use their kinships or wits for lack of abetter term to foster relationships that created conditions where they were able to hide from the nazis for an extended periods of time. This likely increase their odds of survival dramatically. One year in a concentration camp is probably less likely to kill you than 4 years in a concentration camp. Other examples we see of how people were able to survive is told through the various first person stories. 

but lets talk about how those who were eventually brought to these camps survived. The first thing the nazis did upon arrival is try to seperate the week from the strong so that those who could work would be put to work. I see these camps as not work camps, but these were truly death camps, if the nazis didn't kill you outright, they were going to kill you slowly, its not that they really needed any work to be done ( as most of the work was carrying rocks and building railroads) but it was also and maybe for intentionally about stripping humans of their sense of dignity, of their essence of humanity. But those that survived did so by resorting to understanding what their most basic needs in life were and then using skill, knowledge, cunning and collaboration to meet those needs. When people died, their possessions were used to their advantage, their cooperation took form in some of the most basic ways, they huddled together at night to use their body heat to survive the cold, but also they used cooperation in other more obvious ways. By forming these networks of cooperation and using the resources of the many they were able to keep themselves alive just long enough to survive. Most who survived knew that jobs which intailed work outdoors was an almost certain death so they did whatever possible to find jobs that did not put them at risk of long term exposure to the elements and exaustion but also jobs that put them as far away from the nazis as possible. In the documentary 'One Day In Auschwitz' Kitty Hart-Moxon tells how she was able to survive by working in the "bathrooms" if you can call them that. Her job was to shovel the shit out of the shallow latrines when they became full. She describes it as one of the best jobs a young girl could have at Auschwitz for the primary reason that most guards had no desire to be anywhere near such a foul place so she was far less likely to be confronted with an SS officer, while she new would increase her chance of survival. 

In a way I think the holocaust could have served as a sort of brutally "effective" large scale example of darwinistic survival of the fittest. In order to survive it took for than luck, one had to be smarter and stronger than the rest, those who were weak minded, those who were sickly, those who were unable to use their resources to full advantage were killed. Those who survived were, for lack of a better word, the "best" jews.

Jews comprise 2.2% of the USA population, but they represent 30% of faculty at elite colleges, 21% of Ivy League students, and 25% of the Turing Award winners. Plus, “Jews have made up 50% of the top two hundred intellectuals… 40% of partners in the leading law firms in New York and Washington… 59% of the directors, writers, and producers of the fifty top-grossing motion pictures…” link

On the world stage, we find that 54 percent of the world chess champions have had one or two Jewish parents.

Many Jews subscribe to a folk theory that attributes Jewish intelligence to what would have to be the weirdest example of sexual selection in the living world: that for generations in the shtetl, the brightest yeshiva boy was betrothed to the daughter of the richest man, thereby favoring the genes, if such genes there are, for Talmudic pilpul.

But pride has always been haunted by fear that public acknowledge of Jewish achievement could fuel the perception of "Jewish domination" of institutions. link but since that fear isnt allowed in modern society this no longer becomes a barrier.

I think the main point of this writing, while full of conjecture, and riddles with mindfields of perceived antisemitism is that while hitler wanted to eliminate what he saw as an inferior race, what he may have actual done inadvertently is to create the conditions while allowed the jews to become the superior race. 


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