Remember when rap stars or rappers or superstar in...

Remember when rap stars or rappers or superstar international wrapped sensations as some would call them remember when they used to wear tiny Band-Aids on their face as if they had a scar from some knife fight or something when they probably just cut themselves pretending to shave. I miss that and I wish somebody would bring back a variation of that where instead of a Band-Aid the user you would wear a breathe right strip you could start a trend and all the gangsters and thugs in the ghettos would be walking around with very clear nostrils they would get great sleep and would be less irritated in the morning and want to shank less people resulting in which all started because my amazing breathe right strip idea. In case the folks at Nobel organization in Switzerland don't have my contact information I am including it below just for your records, I'd like to thank God including of course my manager and publicist. And let's get Crunk up in this bitch.

Benjamin Paige
+1 303–547–7776