street view mormon sighting

i forgot whom i was stalking when i stumbled upon this photograph but the google street car totally caught some mormons in action in a suburb of Denver. In this image the white guy, i mean the other white guy.... i mean the non-mormon white guy, yes him, he looks to be really giving these mormon boys the business regarding this religious they are totally not cramming down his throat, You can see that he is doing that thing where you stand and pretend to be listening but instead you are just waiting for the other person to stop talking so that you can ask them condescending questions relating to topics only faintly related to the one which was just mentioned by the other party. If you look real close you can see that these actions are a result of the man having nothing better to do at the exact moment this picture was taken; this behavior is common amongst the male members of this species as they are often scared to return back inside their living quarters where his wife will make him do things, things which he would likely find annoying; things like emptying waste bins and/or opening jars of preserves which have been sealed so tightly that the arm strength of a meager housewife simply is not capable of thwarting it, thus rendering the jams and jellies contained within inaccessible.

But i must admit, it is a pretty nice day out in suburbia as you can see by the unrelated contents contained within photograph number 2. and boy it couldn't be any whiter could it?! Even the trucks are white. Where are all of the other cars you might ask (read: didn't ask but are now wondering why i made you think that you should have asked.) That is an excellent question (and confusing subtext that followed.) You see those heated well-build, not vandalized, large automatic roll-up exterior entrance adorning attached storage units that are connected to all of those similarly colored single family homes? The cars are all locked away inside of those secure buildings. Yes, there are indeed security systems and cameras watching and protecting everything. No one trusts anyone in this neighborhood. According to aging residents there are numerous illegal happenings taking place in these streets on a daily basis. No one is safe..... no one! Unless of course you're white... which luckily these people all are... so they're safe, so too are the mormons, because they don't let minorities into their cult.